Goldenline Construction Inc. provides construction services for residential and commercial clients who wish to address foundational integrity issues on their property.Our team will repair settling, bowing, damaged and cracked foundation!

Your property relay on a good solid foundation, issues that may occur over time and or because natural causes such as earth quakes or shifting foundation! Issues with your property foundation can pose a danger to your property and family, also with that reducing structural integrity can significantly reduce your home value. Protect your investment and let us come and run an evaluation test on your home or property structure. Element of nature and mainly earthquakes can cause shifting, reduce stability of structure, saggy flooring, and different soil issues this all indicated foundation issues that needs to addressed immediately. Our foundation team can help from A to Z from assessment and testing to secure and retrofitting dangerous structures.

Some of the Foundation Services we provide:

  • Earthquake Retrofitting
  • Foundation Bolting
  • Cripple Wall Bracing
  • Soft Story Reinforcement

Another common issue is soft story foundation that occurs due to poor material quality, poor structural joints, and insufficient steel reinforcement in columns with the right aspect ratio. this issue and many more contribute for structural instability and until it’s repaired any other repair or renovation on the property will get crooked will be needing further attention. Help to resolve any further issues with the property that occur such as crooked doors and walls and unleveled flooring. When there’s damage in a building complex, besides the obvious risks involved with crooked floor and structural damages your property value will go down and you won’t be able to sell it prior to repair the damages.

So what’s the hurry to fix it now?

  • Property Value will go up by 10%-20%
  • Structure Safety
  • Help to resolve any other issue that occurred at the house like crooked doors and walls.
  • Ready for earthquakes
  • Property cosmetic look

Call us today to setup an evaluation of your property!