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At Goldenline Construction, we specialize in providing top-notch construction services covering both residential and commercial clients, addressing a spectrum of foundational integrity issues on their properties.

Our dedicated foundation repair woodland hills team is adept at repairing settling, bowing, damaged, and cracked foundations, ensuring the stability of your structure.

A solid foundation is paramount for the well-being of your property, as issues in this crucial element can pose risks to your family and property. Beyond safety concerns, foundation problems can also lead to a decrease in structural integrity, potentially impacting your home’s overall value.

Safeguard your investment by allowing our experienced team to conduct a comprehensive evaluation test on your home or property structure. We prioritize precision and thoroughness to identify and address any foundational issues promptly.

Goldenline Construction is your trusted partner for residents in Woodland Hills seeking reliable foundation repair woodland hills services. Our expertise extends to addressing specific concerns in the Woodland Hills area, ensuring a tailored approach to foundation repair that meets the unique needs of your property. Don’t compromise on the foundation of your home – choose Goldenline Construction for quality, reliability, and peace of mind.

Our expert foundation repair woodland hills team is equipped to conduct a thorough A to Z assessment and testing, specializing in securing and retrofitting structures to ensure maximum safety.

Some of the Foundation Services we provide: 

  • Earthquake Retrofitting
  • Foundation Bolting
  • Cripple Wall Bracing
  • Soft Story Reinforcement

Soft story foundation is a common issue which occurs due to poor material quality, poor structural joints, and insufficient steel reinforcement in columns with the right aspect ratio. This issue can lead to structural instability. Until it’s repaired, any other repair or renovation on the property will be “crooked” and will need further attention. 

When there’s damage in a building complex, besides the obvious risks involved with crooked floors and structural damages, your property value will go down and you won’t be able to sell it prior to repairing the damages.

So what’s the hurry to fix it now? 

  • Property Value will go up by 10%-20%
  • Structure Safety
  • Help to resolve any other issue that occurred at the house like crooked doors and walls.
  • Readiness for earthquakes
  • Property cosmetic look

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