Sheep’s Wool

The breathable material’s inner layers absorb moisture without feeling damp or affecting its ability to retain heat.


It’s made by removing the liquid from silica under high pressure and temperature.


The cotton plant is both natural and renewable, making it incredibly eco-friendly. But denim in your walls?


ThermaCork is a product made from the outer bark of oak trees and is natural, renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable.


Polystyrene is actually a type of plastic. It can come in both a foam board (which adds structural integrity to walls) or a spray foam.


This insulation is made of recycled newsprint and other types of paper that otherwise would have decomposed in a landfill, releasing harmful greenhouse gases.


Icynene is made from castor oil and is a spray foam insulation that expands almost 100 times its volume when sprayed onto a surface.